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Hi, it's me,
^400 Thomas.

^1000 I am a Software Engineer.
^1000 My 💖 beats for:
^40 - Test Automation / Continuous Integration
^40 - Clean Code
^40 - DevOps
^40 - basically everything related to making a coder's life easier

^1000 Currently I am working for IKOR, ^400 a consulting company mainly working in the insurance area. ^1000 Java / Spring / Jenkins / Docker and Kubernetes build the basis for my daily work, but I am not shy of trying other programming languages / tools as well.

^1000 Some of my projects can be found on GitHub, ^400 you can visit me there, or on Xing / Linked.in. But the fastest way for getting responses is still writing me an e-mail.

^1000 By the way, this site doesn't track you in any way, no cookies, no pixels. IPs in the access log are automatically anonymized by my webhoster Uberspace.